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10 favourite things from 2002

I've just been reading through some old websites and blog posts from 2001/2002, thanks to Wayback Machine. I made a list of my 10 favourite things. I was 37/38.

    1. vanilla

    I've always loved vanilla. Perfume, soap, vanilla slices. It's still my favourite fragrance.

    2. my goldfish Tallulah

    I had Tallulah for quite a while. I gave her a long pedigree name! She featured in a few of my blog posts.

    3. reading unputdownable books

    This was probably pre-Kindle. I read a lot of books and always loved a book that I just had to keep reading, one that kept me awake at night until I'd finished it.

    4. fiddling with my webpages

    It was HTML back then and I loved tinkering. The internet was absolutely the best thing!

    5. fountain pens

    I still love fountain pens now.

    6. brown ink

    And still buy brown ink.

    7. my Palm m500

    Palm Pilots were brilliant. I had a few different versions over the years but finally relinquished them when my mobile phone made them obsolete.

    8. Waterstone's

    This is a big bookshop. I used to visit the shop in the middle of Manchester. It was a sanctuary and one of my favourite haunts.

    9. blue things

    I do like blue but maybe not as much as back then.

    10. celeb spotting

    I worked in Manchester and often spotted different celebs wandering about town or filming. I was starstruck from my early teens and collected autographs.

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