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10 Features and Benefits to having a 100 day idea streak

I thought of this post and started it around day 72 and will publish it on day 100. I have been following @JamesAltucher for a number of years and thought the 10 ideas was a great idea but could not get myself to actually do it. I thought about building a website for this but when James built this one I had to be an early adopter!

There are so many benefits to this practice.

I am combining this with a goal to read 100 books in 2023. This has turbocharged my creativity and capabilities, even as a middle aged guy!

I am glad that James has created this site and hope that he maintains interest in it and is also able to monetize it in some small way so that it can be self supporting.

10 Features and Benefits to having a 100 day idea streak

    1. The importance of a streak: consistency over time brings huge dividends

    My first streak was around 36 days. Then I skipped a day, then 2, then 3, etc. It was quite a struggle to get back on the wagon until I made a commitment to myself to continue this in 2023.

    2. Ideas will come in waves

    Some days or even hours in a day I will have so many ideas for various things that I have trouble concentrating (or maybe that is from too much coffee!). On these days I try to sandbag and write drafts that I will use later so that on the days that I don't feel so "brilliant" I have a nearly completed draft that I can publish.

    at this point I have more drafts than I can publish and I frequently make more than one list in a day.

    3. I see ideas and opportunities all around me and they seem to come faster

    4. I am becoming more biased to take action

    Because I have a commitment to publish something every day I don't have time to think and wonder: I must do. And by doing I improve, if only for myself. I am taking this approach into other things in my life: as soon as I think "I should do some yoga today" I just start doing it right then.

    5. My writing is improving

    The best way to get better at writing is to write. By doing this exercise I have tried to convey 1000+ ideas in writing to someone else. I learn some tiny thing from each effort.

    6. Combined with the book reading my "idea mulch" is very fertile

    I have many concurrent interests and ideas. This is stimulating and helps keep me energized throughout the week.

    The downside to this is that I am kind of scatterbrained and am going shallowly out in many directions at once. This is not always a bad thing and for the time being, and maybe throughout 2023, I will stay in this mode as connections start firing.

    7. I use NotePD as a goal setting and accountability system

    My list can include a planning list, a doing list, and a reflection list around the same topics. I have written posts like this one as milestones.

    8. By pushing myself to get to the 10th idea every day I am developing the "Idea Muscle" that James talks about

    The idea muscle concept seemed a little "woo woo" or out of reach before I started doing it every day but I feel as though I am developing my idea muscle. It is real, if difficult to quantify. I solve everyday issues more decisively and can flow through thoughts and concepts more rapidly.

    9. I find adding additional daily habits easy and beneficial

    Once I committed to 10 ideas a day I have added yoga once a day, drawing/sketching once a day, and recording a riff once a day. Most days these efforts are not that great but the consistency builds over time and I learn something every day. It also really does not take that much time once you are committed.  I spend less than 2 hours a day doing these activities which leaves me plenty of time for my day job and the rest of my life. 

    One thing I have noticed is I spend less time on "consuming " activities on my phone like reading other websites or playing games. I am also more efficient with my time on emails. It is kind of like the idea where if you want something done give it to busy person. I waste a lot less time and I thought I was fairly efficient before.

    10. NotePD helps me keep everything organized and the mobile and desktop access is great

    I live on my phone or a computer and I am not good at keeping track of physical paper.

    This is also great for an idea dump if it is not a good time to write a full list: if I am working at my job but suddenly get an idea for a "10 awesome animal names from TV and Movies" then I can start that list as a draft and get beck to what I was doing with a clear mind. (I just did this)

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