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10 Features for a midi LFO plugin

This would be a plugin that would allow you to automate music parameters: mostly useful in electronic music.

The output of the software is a single number that varies over time. The analogy would be like a control voltage, but all edible within midi.

The challenge will be to make a limited number of features.

It would be an automation automator!


    1. Freemium: single channel is free forever. Multiple channel costs more

    2. Oscillation types

    linear, logarithmic, sine, triangle, square, stepped, and random wave links

    3. Draw automation with splines

    4. synchronized to the clock or work on milliseconds

    5. Drop Down menu to target different things in the track. For example, to Target alchemy, and then controls within alchemy. The instruments exposed their API.

    6. Be able to save presets

    7. be able to copy an existing setting or create a new one

    8. Each parameter of this plugin should be exposed via API to be controlled by other automation.

    9. Be able to target anything in the channel

    It should work on the entire track so you should be able to select an instrument and an effect. For example, if you want to change the Reverb time and effect pedal and also change an LFO want to synthesizer at the same time, the system would be able to do that

    10. Midi 2.0 compatibility

    11. define a period in measures up to 16 measures

    12. show a preview panel of the output: like an oscillator graph

    13. Have a switch on the range to show whether it is a limited range or a clip range.

    A limited range wouldensuree that everything is in between the range and a clipped range would mean that the top and bottom get flattened.

    14. This is an expansion of the Super Panner

    This can have a preset to go to pan and volume

    15. Be able to combine modes into 2d (x/y values) and 3d (x/y/z)

    16. Presets

    stutter, sine, staggered stutter,

    17. Be able to alter direction and velocity graphically using splines

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