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10 features of a camera monitor system: software as a servcice

This would be a system where you could automatically upload security footage and have it parsed by AI.

I'm sure there are many variations of this already: Ring doorbells do this. There might be a market for people who have older systems: this would be a way to attach AI to existing video capabilities.

It could be adapted to elder care or other automated monitoring. The specific use case that I was thinking of was the neighborhood watch camera. There was an incident in my neighborhood, but there's so much footage to review manually that is pretty impractical. Also, the camera is frequently misaligned or broken.

10 features of a camera monitor system: software as a servcice

    1. Tagging license plates

    2. Opt out for residents

    If you register your car you can be blanked out? The absence of data means that someone would know. Not sure if this is technically possible to truly eliminate.

    3. Time vehicles in and out in the report

    4. Flexible retention policy

    5. Classification of work vehicles

    6. web-based reporting with permissions

    For a neighborhood watch camera maybe everyone could see that there was an incident and be able to see still pictures but you would need extra permissions to review videos.

    7. Retention policy: live video 90 days. Text and stills at least one year or until you stop paying

    8. temporary permissions with set expirations for police or other interested parties for "full access"

    9. Tag "activity" with best guess

    Like "garbage truck". "dog" etc.

    10. Have "share" links to any report that you are viewing.

    You can create an incident report that will have a unique URL that you can share.

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