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10 features of a computer mouse teleporter app

This will come in handy when you have a lot of screens to cover: I have 3 4k screens now and the scrolling can take a lot of effort to get from one place to another. Over a day it gets tiring. I foresee a studio in the future where I may have 4x8K screens or more on a wall of information and I would like the cursor to snap to where I want it to be without scrolling. This is for a fantasy app or one to create myself. If anyone has a different/better solution let me know! Maybe head tracking?

10 features of a computer mouse teleporter app

    1. When the app is activated a ring will appear around the cursor

    2. The ring will be divided into 1-8 sections

    3. User should be able to adjust the size, color and number of the sections: it will default to the number of monitors connected

    4. When you slide the cursor over the section of the ring the action will occur

    This will be a "teleport"

    5. The default action will be to move the cursor to the middle of the monitor that the section is assigned to

    6. The app can be activated by a hot key of users choice but default to a third mouse button or “chord click”

    If possible allow it to be activated in more than one way

    7. Once the mouse has moved there should be a choice of visual animation to show where the mouse currently is

    like a ring or "target"

    8. Users should be able to store and manage different profiles

    These could be for different apps or depending on how many monitors are connected

    9. Version one should only move the mouse to specific locations

    It will default to the middle of the screen but you can add presets

    10. Super mouse teleporter (version 2) can perform actions and open programs from the custom sections

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