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10 feelings from walking too much: a quick Sunday list

I walked a ton today and did a 30 min. high-resistance elliptical workout this morning. I'm physically and mentally tired, but I feel great too. Here are some other things I feel.

    1. My hips hurt

    2. My feet hurt

    Although, with my sneakers, they've been holding up well.

    3. I'm really proud of all the exercise I've done

    Especially true considering I'm not always consistent about exercising

    4. I feel no guilt about all the food I've eaten/all the calories I've consumed today

    5. I feel happy knowing that I'm going to sleep well tonight

    I feel physically tired and mentally satisfied. It's a great combination.

    6. I can't wait to laze around all evening

    7. I feel dehydrated again despite drinking a lot of water

    8. My shoes are messy and need to be thrown in the washing machine

    9. I'm delighted to have saved money by having walked everywhere

    10. I feel like a person who appreciates nature because I got outside and enjoyed the day outside when the weather was nice.

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