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10 Free business ideas for you to start with

Because I'm too busy acquiring smaller sums of money, I can't find the time to start implementing these brilliant ideas and improve the world and get insanely rich by doing so :-).

    1. Business Ideas trade platfrom

    Create a website where you can sell business ideas. People who become successful with it, decide how much they want to pay, ranging from nothing, a small fee, a percentage per transaction, or a share in the company. This could help people who have the ideas, but not the resources or the know-how to follow them up. Because they have people to take care of, or because they are living somewhere in the third world, or whatever reason.

    2. Limited Social Media

    Twitter was successful because it limited the message size. However, it did not limit the number of messages. And the goals of Twitter are different than your goals. This turns Social Media into a waste of time. It doesn't have to be this way if you limit the number of messages and if you make it a platform where people support each other life goals.

    See my other 10-ideas-list for a full drill-down of this idea.

    3. A platform for writing books

    For software developers, we have Git to store our source code. We can merge source code from various developers, review each other work, have version control, and have a tool like Sonar to scan on quality metrics. However, for book writers, there is nothing of that sort.

    A platform for writing books could bring writers and editors together, add a reviewing process, support projects that have multiple writers, measure quality, etc.

    4. The .exclusive TLD

    This idea is so simple, that it surprises me that no one did this before. First, register a new Top Level Domain (TLD, like .com, .net, .org) that sounds exclusive, e.g. .exclusive. You have to go through some bureaucratic hoops at ICANN and you need to reserve a million dollars for that. You need another half a million to find a registry that already manages a TLD to which you can outsource all the technical and operational stuff that comes with running a TLD. But then you have your own .exclusive TLD and you can create your own scarcity.

    People can have their own .exclusive domain name for half a million, invitation only. You will start out with a maximum of 200 domain names and from then on, work with a waiting list, allowing 2 new people every year. People can only be nominated by people who already have such a domain name.

    5. Digital money without the block chain

    TLDs (top-level-domains) are fun. Instead of digital money on the blockchain, you could also use DNS for it. You register the .money TLD. Each domain name stands for a coin, for example, 12345.money. You can rely on DNSSec for security and on all the domain name trading mechanisms that are already in place. You only need to convince ICANN that your business case cannot use the mandatory 5 days waiting period at a domain transfer and accept there is some caching delay when money transfers from one owner to the next. Now you have digital money that is not decentralized but doesn't require tons of energy on each transaction either.

    6. What to eat?

    The questions pop up at regular intervals. What shall we eat tonight? If you jot down what you ate for the last 300 days, AI would quite easily be able to detect patterns. The only thing you need to do is to enter what you ate and the software can tell you what you would probably want the next evening.

    Combined with data from many people with equal taste and with data on what nutrition you need, it can become a handy app.

    It may even order your food automatically for the next week.

    7. Nudge

    Many people have bright ideas that they follow, only to get abandon the project at a certain point. It could be a company, a book, or whatever you work on. Nudge can help you set that extra step further. Send in what you work on, where you got stuck, and Nudge nudges you in the right direction by doing that small baby step that you couldn't set yourself to take.

    8. Transparent logistic chain

    Going from raw material to a product goes through many steps. It was once said, that no one could create a pencil from scratch (i.e. from the raw materials) on his own. However, if you want to buy, or even sell a product that is free from child labor or other misdoings, it's impossible to know. Where did the paint come from? Where did the machines to create that paint come from?

    With blockchain, the supply chain could become much more transparent. What we need is a standard by which everyone in the supply chain must enlist information on what was used as materials, as transport, by whom it was made, and how it could be verified. This should be mandatorily tagged along with the outgoing products. This should tell people under what working conditions and with what footprint items were made. This should become an international, cross-industry standard.

    9. AI you life

    Enlist every big thing you do in life and record how happy or successful it made you. Like going to college, buying a house, renting a car, or starting a company.

    Combined with the input of many, the software could use AI to start giving advice on your life choices. For example, of all people who were in a regular situation as you, most people became happy by founding a company, and the least amount of people became happy by buying a house (just to give an example, I have no data to back this up. Not yet...).

    10. Sell feature ideas

    Start following big companies, interview people on the street, acquire data, and start selling feature ideas to the given companies. Start by giving 2 ideas for free, and allow them to buy 8 more.

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