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10 Fun Ideas For You and Your Family

Simple Ideas that are free/cheap

    1. Have a Date/Trip/Adventure Jar

    When you think of something you want to do, place a small piece of paper in the jar.

    Once a week/month/whatever, pull a piece of paper out and make it happen.

    2. Create an Email Address For Your Children

    Write them emails now and then. Especially around holidays. Send them pictures.

    Give them the email address when they turn 18.

    3. Go to a Thrift Store/Dollar Store

    Everyone gets 2-5 bucks. Go find some fun/interesting things. My favorite to get is coffee cups.

    4. Stop Giving Gifts on Birthdays/Holidays

    The gift giving loop never ends. It's even worse if you have a big family or a large network of close friends.

    Instead - make your loved one's dinner/breakfast. Or create something for them. Or throw them a party with good friends.

    You can still buy them gifts, you just don't have the pressure of doing it on a certain day.

    5. Watch a Show/Play a Video Game Together

    Playing video games with my daughter has been one of the best things I've ever done. We find a game or series we both like and we play together. Gives us something to always talk about. We get excited about the next release.

    Could also read a book series together.

    6. Create Art Together

    Paintings are expensive. One thing I've found is you can go to thrift shops and buy cheap art there.

    Find some canvas art, paint over it with white, and create your own at home. Lot of fun with family.

    I am surprised at some of the art my family has create. Not me, of course.

    You could draw together too. Or create simple sculptures.

    7. Take a Class/Course Together

    Start a sport. Or learn an instrument. Learn to pain. Learn a new language together. Learning together with people is a great way to spend time together.

    8. Yard Work / Plants

    If you have an outdoor space, work together on your yard.

    If you don't, get some plants and take care of them together. Or get a pet goldfish and take care of it together.

    9. Volunteer

    Volunteer your time together. This is one I haven't done a good job of.

    10. Cook a Meal Together

    Everyone is in charge of a certain dish.

    This is also a great way to host a party. People cook on site, or everyone brings their own dish.
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