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10 fun personality quizzes for adults

With this list, I'm channeling my inner tweenager. I used to *love* reading magazines and taking the fun quizzes with my friends. Here are a few of the more "grown-up" quizzes.

    1. The Myers Briggs Test

    Your result: one of 16 personality types that's supposed to guide you in your career and beyond.

    2. The Enneagram test

    You'll end up with one of 9 types, and a score of how much each of the other types applies to you.

    3. The five love languages

    This one is fun to take with a partner. Each person has 1) a "language" they use to show their love and 2) a "language" they prefer receiving love in.

    4. The four personality colors

    This is another quiz that's popular in the workplace. Are you more of a red, yellow, blue, or green?

    5. The attachment styles

    This quiz is also good to take with a partner. It helps explain how you show attachment.

    6. The four tendencies

    This quiz helps you answer "how do I respond to expectations." With your results, you can better analyze and control your influence on others.

    7. The big five personality test

    Here, you'll get a score on the five OCEAN traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Knowing where you stand on each of these can help you better understand yourself, especially relative to others.

    8. The Cliftonstrengths assessment

    This quiz is probably more work than the others, but it's supposed to help you identify your unique strengths. I haven't taken it yet and can't vouch for it personally, but it seems interesting.

    9. Your horoscope

    I know, I know- this one isn't exactly a quiz, and it's incredibly Gen Z. Still, there are so many horoscope quizzes out there.

    10. Your birth chart

    Again, like the previous item, these are only really fun if you believe in them. Unlike the other assessments on this list, your birth chart and your horoscope are independent of your actions. You could even say they're prescriptive, rather than descriptive.

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