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10 General Product Ideas

A list of 10 general product ideas with some involving tech and most likely have already been done or not worth doing

    1. Tissue Box

    A tissue box that reads how many tissues are left inside that could also release a pleasant scent when you use it

    2. Car Drone

    A vehicle that comes with it's very own drone. The drone can be deployed from inside or outside of the vehicle. The drone could be programmed to pick up items you purchased and bring them to wherever you are or wherever your vehicle is.

    3. Coffee table with a built-in footrests

    Coffee table that has variable sizes and can have one or more fold down footrests that can be pulled down to use while sitting around it.

    4. Trash can with built-in air freshener and sanitizer

    A trash can with a push button on top that dispenses both an air freshener outside of it and another button will dispense a sanitizer like Lysol for the interior including directly underneath the lid.

    5. Bike with it's own camera

    This bike will have multiple cameras built into it that can take videos and photos both of whats in front, behind or next to you and selfies. The controls will be near the grips on the handlebars

    6. Various sports balls with the ability to count

    Imagine having a basketball that can tell you how many times you bounced it? A football that can tell you how far it was thrown or a tennis ball that reads how many times it was hit?

    7. Temperature changing cups

    A cup/mug/large cup that can be changed from room temperature to warm/hot or cool to cold by pressing a button.

    8. Self sanitizing pen

    A pen that you can fill and refill with the sanitizer of your choice available in spray or liquid. You press a button before and or after using the pen to sanitize your hands

    9. Temperature reading beer mug

    Some beers taste better depending on the temperature and type of mug or glass it's poured in. So, you could have a choice of a copper mug, glass mug, pint glass, stout glass or plastic mug that will show the temperature of the beer on the outside.

    10. Fireplace TV

    Sounds stupid, it probably is but depending on where you live, many people hardly ever use their fireplace. Even if you do, this tv mounts outside of the fireplace where it could have a live screensaver of an actual fire, use it to stream other media, and if you need the fireplace, then it can be pulled up, down, out and above if needed.

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