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10 Gift Ideas For Your Partner

    1. Massage (hired or DIY)

    Works for both genders

    2. Nice night out - dinner and a movie

    3. Alone time

    Sometimes your partner wants to go do something by themselves - go to a spa, gym, hang out with friends - give them the time and space to do those things

    4. 'Couples' book

    Buy two copies of a great book and read it together. Take turns suggesting new books to read.

    5. People watching

    Go to a nice local cafe shop, order your favourite drinks and then just watch people. No need to chat.

    6. Work out session

    Nothing like couples sweating together - fun if you're doing a new activity together (boxing, dancing, etc.)

    7. Travel package

    Travel and organize the whole itinerary so your partner doesn't have to think about a thing

    8. Kids?

    Take the kids out to the grandparents or to an indoor gym without your partner. Give your partner time at home.

    9. Shopping spree

    Take your partner to their favourite store and tell them they can get anything they want (or within a budget)

    10. Buy that thing they want

    Keep a list of things your partner says out loud they want. Get them something they haven't got for themselves for whatever reason (no time, money, hasn't been discounted enough)

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