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10 gifts if you have no idea what to get someone

These are some of my go-to gifts for when I have no idea what to gift

    1. Board games

    Lately, there's been a resurrection of board games. Look for board games that have won the spiel des jahres and choose from there (those are the best board games chosen each year)

    2. Portable phone charger

    Smartphones, especially old ones, never seem to hold a charge. A phone charger always seems to be handy - the smaller and more portable the better

    3. Books

    There are so many books out there that it's hard to go wrong or to give a book that they may already have. Find recently published books on specific topics you know your giftee cares about

    4. UberEats

    Gift cards are obviously easy gifts, but you can make it slightly more personal by finding gift cards the people care bout. UberEats (or other gift cards for food delivery) is great for foodies.

    5. Take out for coffee

    In case you don't know the person that well but you feel like you are close enough you need to get them something, take them out for a coffee.

    6. Get them something they are going to immediately need

    When my friends knew I was going to travel, they got me packing cubes. Figure out what your friend needs in the near (or long) future and then get them something that might help them.

    7. Buy an experience

    For my parent's anniversary, I chipped in for some time away at a hotel and at a spa.

    8. A tasty dessert

    Usually I struggle to find a gift for someone's birthday but the least I can do is get them something sweet to enjoy as a dessert

    9. Write a card with a nice note

    Since everybody texts or emails, writing a physical card can be a great gesture.

    10. Cash

    If all else fails, give cash

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