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10 Go-To Comfort Foods

Great challenge!

    1. Donuts

    Does anything taste better, while also likely horrific for you?

    2. Chik-fil-a

    It's quick. Staff is nice. It tastes good, unlike other fast food. And I don't feel like a zero after eating it.

    3. Hot Dogs

    I should enter a hot dog eating contest. I love hot dogs so much. Similar to donuts, they can't be good for you. Costco is probably the cheapest place to buy one at.

    4. Hamburgers

    Usually from a 5 guys, or something similar. Local is fine. Or make them at home.

    5. Milk Shake

    Since this is for comfort, eating ice cream is too much effort. I'd rather slurp up the drink and kill myself quicker.

    6. Pancakes

    Nice, fresh stack. Syrup. Needs to be with eggs and bacon.

    7. Cake

    Has to be a good cake. Not anything will do. Depends on the mood. Vanilla cake? Chocolate cake. Cofetti cake. Ice Cream cake?

    8. Sushi

    Others may not think it's that bad, but we're eating for comfort. That means, we're eating a lot of it. Rolls on top of rolls.

    9. Coke Icee

    I love these things. Don't normally drink soft-drinks, but in a slushee format? Please and thank you.

    10. Muffins

    Underrated. Fun to peel open the outside and then crush the goodness inside. I like blueberry and chocolate.

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