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10 good buys at Tj Maxx/Homegoods

I went to TJ Maxx/Homegoods today and was astounded by how much *stuff* there was. The store was full of things I never knew I needed. That being said, I do think it's possible to find some great deals there. Here's my top 10 list, in no particular order.

    1. Obscure condiments

    Today's inventory included lemon oil, jalapeño honey, and sriracha tomato sauce. There's always a fun variety of sauces available for a good price.

    2. Decorative pillows

    More than a person could ever need. With so many options, there's something for everyone.

    3. Kitchenware

    These stores always have a great selection of pots and pans, in particular. More often than not their kitchenware comes in stainless steel finishes too, which makes them versatile and suitable for any kitchen.

    4. A present for [insert person you haven't seen in a while]

    Trust me... you'll find something.

    5. Cards

    Today they had a fun array of pop-out cards for many occasions.

    6. Decorations for whatever holiday is next

    It's the middle of August, and this store was already decked out for Halloween. It was a bit much, but I suppose that's perfect for people who like to plan far ahead.

    7. Athletic clothing

    I can only really speak to the women's section, but there were a ton of options, and everything was very reasonably priced. As someone who doesn't like to shell out for activewear, this is the perfect place to look for deals.

    8. Baby clothes

    Ditto to the above: there was a huge selection of baby clothes, and everything was very reasonably priced.

    9. Mascara

    This one is very specific, but I was shocked at how much cheaper the mascara was here vs. typical drugstores. And for the same brands too.

    10. Clearance jewelry

    I have stumbled upon some *great* finds in the jewelry section. The quality is usually quite nice, and the prices are very reasonable.

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