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Andrew Rampersaud


10 good things about Canada's World Cup appearance

We got eliminated yesterday, but I'll try and see if I can think of 10 good things that came out of their performance.


    1. We scored our first-ever World Cup goal!

    And what a goal! Scored by none other than Alphonso Davies!

    2. We have a world-class star

    Speaking of, I don't think we've ever had a star on the international stage like Alphonso Davies.

    3. We have a world-class coach

    John Herdman knows how to win, so we're lucky.

    4. Soccer is on the map in our country

    Yes, we have MLS soccer teams here, but soccer became a national sport when we qualified.

    5. We will be hosting the next World Cup in 2026

    With the USA and Mexico. Soccer's not going anywhere in this country.

    6. The women's team can bolster the men's team

    Meaning, the women's team, who are the reigning Olympic champions, will help raise the awareness of the sport and what's going on with the men's team.

    7. Kids will be inspired

    There are Canadian kids in high school and college even who will be motivated by what they've seen in the World Cup and want to play for Canada.

    8. The men's national team is fourth in the CONCACAF ranking

    Being in the top-5 is an accomplishment. In the under-17 we're fifth.

    9. We play hard

    In the game against Belgium, the 2nd ranked team in the world, we arguably dominated them and could've won the game. We even got that penalty opportunity.

    10. We have great players and great talent coming in

    This explains it:


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