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10 goofy ways to make life more fun

These are some games, mostly from college that add fun to chores and other things


    1. Not it! Also known as the nose goes…

    Something needs to happen (get more drinks, answer the door). Touch your nose and say "not it!" The last person to do this has to get the drinks or the door.

    2. Thumbs up

    This is a variation of nose goes that is great in a business meeting. Quietly hang your thumb on the table. Catch people's eyes to let them know that the game is on. The last person to put their thumb on the table has to do the task (clean the whiteboard, take notes, make coffee etc).

    3. Circle game: caught you looking!

    This is best in a frat house or maybe with young kids: the mentality is the same.

    hold your fingers in an "ok" sign making a circle. Hold it somewhere on your body or nearby. If someone looks at it you say "caught you looking!" And either punch them or tweak their nose or shoulder depending on the audience.

    4. Agree to meet people at odd times: 3:17 instead of 3:15

    This works for setting meetings as well. People are more likely to be prompt because they need to pay more attention to the time.

    5. Silly walk across intersections

    Ballet dancing, robot, march, high step. All funny, all good!

    6. Push buttons for elevators etc. with a flourish!

    I saw this in a Little Rascals episode where Wheezer rings a doorbell and I thought it was hilarious.

    I usually do this as a ninja, wizard or magician. You could do a drunk, a robot, a drunk robot, an alien.

    7. Try to make people smile or laugh throughout the day

    This takes practice and some people just won't play along but people like cashiers, nurses, waiters and just humans in general love to smile and laugh!

    8. Smile and laugh yourself! And by yourself.

    Crack yourself up! Laugh loudly. Burp by yourself.

    9. Sneeze in a ridiculous way (but cover your mouth)!

    Dramatic buildups, extended release, false starts.

    10. Use a silly voice to talk on the phone.

    When you are calling to make a reservation or check on your children speak like Julia Childs, Squidward or Rocky Balboa. This is not necessarily crank calling which is a different category. Appropriate for answering spam calls!

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