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10 great concerts on YouTube and why

These are in no particular order, but all great. There are thousands of great and historic concerts now on YouTube.

    1. Danny Gatton Austin city limits

    Extraordinary talent: if you play guitar your jaw will hit the floor over and over again.

    2. Parliament-Funkadelic - Full Concert - 11/06/78

    Amazing show: multi-camera black and white with good audio quality. This band puts on epic concerts: George Clinton did not even come out on stage for 40 minutes!

    3. Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker - "Shadows And Light"

    Amazing group, great sound quality

    4. Meshuggah (full set) Live at Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 18/09/2022

    Ok, I have mentioned this band a number of times, This video show is a static shot that emphasizes the light show: it is like the 6th member of the band. Amazing.

    5. ROTH, SHEEHAN, VAI & BISSONETTE live 1986

    This was David Lee Roth's "Eat 'em and Smile" band and tour. Roth, Shehan, Vai and Bissonette were at the top of their games of 1980's over the top shredding and stage presence in an arena/hockey stadium.

    6. WONG ON ICE! // Musical & Athletic Performance

    Corey Wong has built a massive library of high-energy, high quality musical content on YouTube. In this one, his entire band is performing wearing hockey equipment.

    7. Jimi Hendrix ・Woodstock / Ending Theme tune / Villanova Junction

    The full concert is not available on YouTube anymore but I was able to buy it from Amazon Streaming: highly recommended. This is the ending and is mostly a montage of people picking up trash but the guitar playing is sublime. My brother-in-law was at Woodstock and saw Jimi Hendrix in one of the "freak out" tents. I think that this Woodstock performance kind of defined a turning point of sorts: When he started the Star Spangled Banner about halfway through the set it was a new world of guitar. He had a different band than the Experience:

    This is a link to a Woodstock playlist that has a number of performances but I recommend the full concert for the enthusiast/fan:

    8. Miles Davis - Montreux Jazz Festival - 07 July 1988

    You can choose from many Miles Davis concerts across the decades of his career. Always pushing new sounds: Miles plays some synthesizer and also features Foley on lead Piccolo bass. This concert uses multiple cameras and has good sound quality.


    Miles Davis (tp, synth)

    Kenny Garrett (as, fl)

    Robert Irving III (synth)

    Adam Holzman (synth)

    Foley (lead-b)

    Benny Rietveld (el-b)

    Ricky Wellman (d)

    Marilyn Mazur (perc)

    9. Rod Stewart: Live at Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro, 1994

    This concert was attended by 3.5 million people at the same time!! This is a recording of that show but they did not show the crowd size much, which can be seen elsewhere. A good concert for Rod Stewart's hits.

    10. Prince Concert 001 | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show [complete] (2007)

    This is remarkable because for much of the performance, it is POURING RAIN! He dances, plays, and sings like it is no big deal (no backing tracks!). What a legend.

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