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10 great foods that can be made on a grill

Everyone needs good outdoor meals. But not the kind when you are camping. That's no way to live!

    1. filet mignon 8 oz.

    Just the best cut for me and flank steak for my guests.

    2. Grilled vegetables on a skewer over the grill

    cut them big enough to stay on a skewer. Tomato, red pepper, green pepper, corn on the cob, onion, squash, zucchini. Treat them with olive oil and salt free seasoning. Turning with an oven mitt covered hand for about 12 minutes

    3. salmon with butter

    also look up a chopped vegetable topping with a mayo base that is out of this world.

    4. BBQ Ribs

    cook them up in a crock pot with sweet baby rays. Then move them to the grill for crisping,

    5. beer turkey (or chicken)

    you need the set up to hold them together, but it's so good

    6. grilled burgers with a chopped mushroom filler.

    each burger should be made of 1/3 chopped mushrooms. Use steak sauce or ketchup. (no no, don't use ketchup!)

    7. grilled burgers with a jalapeno hidden inside each one.

    That's quite a challenge as long as everyone knows they are playing that game.

    8. buffalo chicken wings and legs

    Often the offering in the store has pieces that are too large or too small. The large pieces don't cook well and the small are easily burnt. Search all the stores, there must be some moderate sized parts that you can find for this recipe. It's too important.

    When cooking it's important to remember that the vinegar in the sauce tends to catch fire, so keep an eye on it, and use limited sauce during the actual cooking time. Add extra hot sauce when cooking is complete.

    When done, call all of the men around to eat the wings right at the grill. Stand around the grill, drink a few beers and enjoy the meat. This will improve the flavor dramatically. Don't even tell the women that they weren't invited, it's only gonna cause trouble later, especially for James who has trouble sharing his "feelings."

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