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10 Great Grill Tools

    1. Therma pen instant read thermometer

    I use this everyday on all kinds of food. Great to avoid cold middles in microwave burritos and properly cooked food on the grill

    2. Smoke X® Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer

    I bought 2 inexpensive ones on Amazon nefore I bought this one: worth it. Very accurate and the remote works up to a mile away so you can keep track of your food from all over your neighborhood (or estate!)

    3. Billows® BBQ Temperature Control Fan Kit

    This amazing unit plugs into the thermometer and somewhat magically keeps your grill at the temperature that you set: I have had it working for up to 12 hours at a time.

    4. Kamado Joe ceramic grill

    Can smoke for more than 24 hours at 250 degrees at a time without adding charcoal. Can also ramp up to over 900 degrees for searing steaks. very forgiving.

    you can replace parts on your own: it is likely to last a lifetime with very little maintenance.

    5. Jealous Devil Charcoal

    Available from Amazon. Very consistent and predictable. Can get very hot or smoke for hours.

    6. Silicon grilling gloves

    If necessary you can hold very hot things for short periods of time: you can reach in and move burning charcoal. However , they do get hot so if you are not careful or try to hold something for too long you will burn yourself.

    7. Grill Tongs Super Long 24-inch Heavy Duty

    These tongs are super heavy duty and they are also long enough to keep your hand away from the fire. You can pick up a rack of ribs: I flipped a 6 lb brisket just using these tongs.


    8. Fire Starter Squares Quick-Light Non-Toxic (144-count)

    I can get fires lit with 3 of these and charcoal 100% of the time. No toxic lighter fluid.

    9. Cat litter scoop

    Use this to stir the charcoal before you restart it: this lets the dust settle into the collection bin and keep the larger pieces to reuse

    10. 5 gallon bucket

    Great for storing charcoal near the grill.

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