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10 great things about cold weather

It got cold here last night. Will be again tonight.


    1. You don't have to mow the grass

    2. You can turn the AC off

    It isn't cold enough that we really need heat. We could turn the heat on really low.

    3. Tea

    Nice to have a cup of tea at night when it is cold.

    4. Sweatpants

    I like to wear sweatpants over shorts. I think they are more comfortable and look better.

    5. A fire

    We haven't done it yet, but it's nice to have one at night.

    6. A firepit

    Similar to 5, but outside. Can cook something on it or even roast marshmellows. Nice to just sit next to it.

    7. No bugs

    This should maybe be number 1. I live in a place with a lot of bugs. So even if it isn't too hot out at night, you get crushed by bugs biting you. When it is cold they are all dead.

    8. Cuddling

    You'll want to stay warm with your significant other.

    9. Bed comforter

    They look nicer on the bed and keep you warm. When it's hot, we don't need the comforter.

    10. Jackets and sweaters

    Don't wear them often. Some of them look nice, so I think people dress better when it is cold.

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