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10 Great Things That Happened Yesterday

10 Great Things That Happened Yesterday

    1. My Buspar Rx was increased

    Work has been haaaaarrrrrd. I have had 10 assistants this year. 1 left because of me. The other 9 left because of the class. Not the kids. The chaos of the classroom. Since I started taking Buspar I have felt like I can just sit back and chill. These 4 yr olds don't NEED to know their ABC's. They just need to be safe.

    2. I got my butt x rayed

    this might be a funny thing to get excited about.. but I fell down the stairs Easter Sunday. I was super anxious about going back to school. I didn't want to go. My mind was racing I stepped on the first step to my basement apartment with socks on and hit my tailbone on every step down on linoleum flooring with metal edges. Now almost 2 weeks later I am still in pain. I want to make sure it's not involved with my spine.

    3. Restaurant Week in Royal Oak

    It's going to be busy at my job tonight but I also got two freshii bowls for $25 dollars. I haven't had freshii in a while. It was great!

    4. I bought a big bottle of Motrin

    I had run out maybe 3 days ago and let me tell you.. chasing 4 year olds around when every muscle seems to aggravate your tail bone is not fun. When I mean chasing.. I mean doing laps around the school when they won't sleep at nap time. Not just a fun jaunt around the classroom. My tailbone didn't hurt this morning as much. YAY Motrin.

    5. I watched Love is Blind Japan.

    I couldn't figure out what I wanted to watch but I decided to go for it. OMG!! I LOVE IT. Japan is so different than than the USA. I mean yeah duh but like you couldn't even imagine how different. It's amazing! I love it.

    6. My principal told the elementary principal.. these kids might not be learning but they are safe.

    She's letting the kindergarten teachers know that we are doing everything we can right now to keep these kids as safe as possible. They might not be learning things because they can't regulate their bodies. This was a relief to me. I have been trying sooo hard to get these kids up to the level that they should be at. This was the first time I heard form my boss that not teaching is ok too.

    7. I have a primary care physician

    The last time I had one was about 10 years ago. They still had me as taking Adderall. I stopped taking that when I was 30. My therapist told me to get one so I can have a paper trail of me talking about my anxiety so that I could have a doctors note stating that I am having a mental break down from my job. My therapist can't write it but a doctor can. I am doing better now but I think it's the drugs that are making it ok.

    8. My housemate went away for the weekend

    I miss having my own place. It's really loud when she is here. But I am grateful she charges me what she charges me to live in her basement. I had a very peaceful night of Love is Blind Japan.

    9. My instant anxiety medication helps with sleep

    I haven't been sleeping well because my mind is racing with school stuff. I know I am not doing this next year so what do I do next year? I am prescribed an antihistamine and the doctor said I should take two before bed and it will help me feel drowsy. Fun Fact: If you are anxious and take an antihistamine it calms you down.

    You also don't have allergy symptoms.

    10. I started my wiki searches again.

    There is something so calming about finding out random facts on wikipedia. I am also thinking about recording myself talking about all the things I find and posting them on here from this search of 100. I am super scared but I want to get started on doing things I find fun. I have the summer off still and can really pour myself into it.

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