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10 great uses of index cards you might want to adopt


    1. Use them for finances

    Take note of incomes, expenses - write down new things and transfer it to a spreadsheet after you have a few of them

    2. Use them as a to do list

    Since the index card is small, you don't have a lot of room to do a lot which forces you to prioritize

    3. Create books

    Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene have systems in place to take notes they get from books, transfer the best of those notes to index cards, and then to use the index cards to form chapters in their books

    4. Use it as a bookmark

    Nice way to capture where you are in a book AND to note down things you like about the book (see point 3)

    5. Reduce your worries, fears and anxieties

    It can be a metaphorical approach - you write down your fears and anxieties and then you throw it away (as if you're getting rid of those fears and anxieties)

    6. Capture dreams

    Leave it at your bedside dresser or table and write down dreams that you can think of

    7. Journal

    Write down all the things that happened in your life. What you did. What you ate.

    8. Gratitude journal

    Every day, write down the things you're grateful for.

    9. Capture good memories

    ANy time you feel particularly happy, you can capture that memory and that situation you were in on a card. Then, any time you're feeling depressed, go through the cards.

    10. Goals

    Jeffrey Gitomer has three index cards with three goals stuck on his mirror. Every time he wakes up and looks in the mirror, those three goals are staring at him in the face.

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