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10 great ways to spend money

How to get a lot of benefit our of spending a little extra? You may not even like the most expensive thing you can get in these categories, but it certainly makes sense to spend a little more on these things.

    1. good socks

    2. Good coffee beans/grinds

    Life is too short to drink bad coffee. I have found that my personal preference is not the most expensive brand, but I was willing to try the more expensive brands until I settled on the one that I like.

    3. Good door knobs

    You don't always touch your door, but you always touch your door knob. A high-quality brass door knob will make you feel good every time you use it.

    4. Good shoes

    High-quality shoes will frequently outlast cheap shoes two to one. Your feet and back will thank you.

    5. Tip well

    It will make you feel good and help out the person you were tipping.

    6. Good plates and silverware

    When I got married more than 29 years ago, my wife asked for the stuff for wedding presents. I really couldn't care less at the time but we still use the same set today and use it every day. Mikasa brand: looks great.

    7. Better Eggs

    I find that the farm-raised free-range eggs seem to taste better. Even at twice the cost of factory eggs, they're still very inexpensive per egg.

    8. A good sweater

    If you live in a cold climate, or even if you just need the occasional sweater having a very nice one is really great.

    9. Computer mouse and keyboard

    Most of us use computers a lot. Crappy ones are just painful.

    10. Groceries

    If you are eating a lot of meals at home, congratulate yourself and spend when you can at the supermarket. Get the higher-grade meat and produce when you can afford it. You could cut back or eliminate some of the prepared food, which is not good for you anyway.

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