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10 Greatest Challenges I Have In Life Right Now

    1. Focus

    I am trying to do many things at once. I need to focus on few things and do them well

    2. Discipline

    I need to stick to the routines and the systems I put in place.

    3. Delegate

    I tend to spend a lot of time on activities that I know are not the 20 that bring the most value (20/80)

    4. Give Up Sweets

    This is a big one! Maybe addiction to sweets (desserts, muffins, chocolate cakes, taiyaki, etc.)

    5. Evening Planning

    Related to the 20/80 activities. I need to get my evening right so my next morning can be right.

    6. Moving

    I sit a lot in front of my PC. I started using my standing desk in the morning, but I fail to be consistent.

    7. Time Off

    I haven't taken a proper long break. A nice vacation without thinking about work or other projects. I want to switch off completely, but it is challenging.

    8. Reaching out to prospects

    We have amazing products and solutions but I find it hard to reach out to cold mail or contact prospect. Maybe because of my introverted nature. I am working on this.

    9. Sleeping early

    I am a very morning person, but lately, I am sleeping late.

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