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10 Greatest Challenges I Have In Life Right Now

Even though I am an adult with a job and house and a dog, there are lots of things where I still feel I am stuck in beginner mode. Which presents challenges.

    1. Increasing my salary

    I feel like I have a lot of skills in my current role at my current company. But I am having a hard time translating those skills into monetary value that will increase over time.

    I am working to achieve outside certifications. I am working with my boss to create a long term plan.

    Most likely it will require that I switch companies to receive a significant monetary increase.

    Which leads me to my next challenge

    2. Creating a profitable side hustle

    My last side hustle was taking a lot out of me. I physcially had to be there to earn money. I was working my current job and working the side hustle to bring in more money.

    But then I stopped because I wanted to take a class in order to increase my skills at my current full time job. The class has been great and I am developing really good skills for my primary job.

    But I have dreams of creating multiple sources of income beyond my primary job and my investments. So far I have yet to create another stream of income that could one day become 'passive'. It would be nice to not have to physically be somewhere all the time in order to make money.

    This is a work in progress.

    3. Planning my wedding

    It is pretty stressful putting together even a small wedding.

    I don't want it to cost too much. I am paying for everything out of pocket.

    It almost feels like the wedding is for other people more than it is for myself.

    There is a lot of scheduling, communication and preparation that still has to happen.

    It is an interesting process trying to create special 'moments'. I have a new respect for party planners and project managers.

    4. Getting my partner to clean out the house

    Having a lot of clutter around me makes me anxious.

    My partner has a lot of stuff. Papers, boxes, swag.

    Some of our stuff is valuable, like signed music memorabilia. But a lot of it is not valuable and needs to be thrown away. My parter would get mad if I started going through stuff. But he does not have an urgency to get rid of the stuff.

    It is a challenge.

    5. Finishing the Project Management Coursera course

    It is designed to take time.

    I just need to keep going and get through them all.

    6. Not reading and writing enough

    One of my goals each day is to read and write a little bit.

    But I do not seem to be doing that lately. I need to carve out time to do those activities and push out the less important ones.

    7. Prioritizing my top priorities

    Seems like right now I have about 10 priorities that are all at the top of the list.

    I need to cull the list and put ones lower.

    8. Health

    Lately I have stopped working out consistently.

    I need to put that on my calendar and make it a staple.

    9. Getting clear on what I want my future to look like

    What does the perfect day look like?

    How can I get closer to making that a reality?

    10. Finding a mentor/business partner

    I have been thinking about finding someone that I can work with to help me with my 'career'.

    It would be interesting to have a business partner where we both are working on creating business opportunities for each other.

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