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10 Greatest Misconceptions That People Have About You.

    1. You're Not As Shy As You Seem

    People often think that because you don't talk much, you must be shy. However, you're simply an introvert who prefers to listen rather than talk.

    2. You're More Stubborn Than You Let On

    Just because you're usually easygoing doesn't mean you can't be fiercely stubborn when you need to be.

    3. You Don't Care About Anyone But Yourself

    It may seem like you only care about your own needs, but in reality, you just don't like to burden others with your problems.

    4. You're Never Serious

    Just because you joke around a lot doesn't mean there aren't things in life that you take very seriously.

    5. You're Always Up For A Good Time

    Even though you do enjoy having fun, there are also times when all you want to do is stay home and relax by yourself.

    6. You're So Selfish!

    Just because I put my own needs first doesn't mean that I'm selfish. I simply prioritize my own wellbeing in order to be the best possible version of myself.

    7. You're So Arrogant!

    Some people might perceive me as arrogant because I have strong opinions and convictions. However, I am very confident in what I believe and am not afraid to voice my thoughts.

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