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10 guests I'd like to see James Altucher interview in 2023

    1. Brittney Griner

    One of the greatest female basketball players of all time, so she'd fit the bill for peak performers. Would be fascinating to hear about what her experience in Russia was like. Did she ever fear for her life? How did she cope with the possible 9 year sentence?

    2. Theranos Whistleblowers: Tyler Shultz and Erika Cheung

    What was it like working with Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani? When did you know Theranos was built on a house of cards? What was it that brought this realization?

    3. Kanye West

    Definitely a peak performer. I still love his music, but I'm not a fan of his latest views. I'd love to hear a probing, nowhere to hide, "explain yourself" interview with Ye. Is he really as crazy as he sounds?

    4. Manny Pacquiao

    One of the greatest boxers of all time. What was it like growing up with nothing on the streets of the Philippines and then becoming an instantly recognizable celebrity worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

    5. Phil Hellmuth

    The Poker Brat. How much of the personality that we see on poker broadcasts is natural? How much of it is a show?

    6. Alan Eustace

    American computer scientist who works at Google and the holder of the world record for the highest altitude skydive (135,890 feet).

    7. Jonaed Iqbal

    I know of no one who has done more to advance the cause for people without degrees that are interested in building successful careers and knowledge.

    8. Ronny Chieng

    One of the funniest people in comedy! And an Asian leading man, just like Jay Yow.

    9. Bill Maher

    Another great comedian. He's always an interesting watch and I love his sarcastic, sharp sense of humor.

    10. Louis CK

    However you feel about the man, he's one of the greatest comedians of all time. I think he's paid an enormous price.

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