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10 Habits I Do (Almost) Daily

I mentioned in an earlier list that I have a hard time maintaining a true daily streak with most habits. I have a Daily Habits list nonetheless and work to get through as much of it as I can every day.

And it just so happens that there's 10 of them!

    1. 5-Minute Freewriting

    This is the first thing I do in the morning. I use The Most Dangerous Writing App ( to do a stream of consciousness freewrite to get my mind moving.

    I wrote about this website in this list, too:

    2. 15-Minute Reading

    I actually set a timer on my phone for this. I can always read more, but I like to keep 15 mins as a bare minimum.

    3. Update YNAB

    We use the app YNAB (You Need A Budget) for our family budgeting. We manually enter transactions into it (some people link their bank accounts instead). I spend a few minutes each morning updating it from the day before.

    4. 10 Ideas a Day

    I try to at least start a list in the morning before starting the rest of the day. I keep one long "10 Ideas a Day Master List" in my notes with links to all my lists.

    5. 15-Minute House Cleaning

    Sometimes this is really just cleaning: bathrooms, floors, tidying kids' toys, etc.

    But where this really helps is to spend 15 minutes making progress on some house project that needs more problem-solving or several sessions to clean: purging toys my kids aren't using, organizing the linen closet with baskets, reorganizing pantry items, moving furniture into a new orientation...

    I can get a bigger project done over several days in 15-minute chunks.

    6. Procrastination Progress

    Similar to the one above, this is where I take 1 action towards something I've been putting off: scheduling a dentist appointment, ordering that one brand of socks that my kid will wear, packing up returns to take to UPS, etc...

    7. Process 1 Item from my Physical Inbox

    It's impossible to be 100% digital all the time. I keep a physical inbox tray on my desk and throw things there throughout the day. But they pile up fast...

    So I made this habit to process (scan, shred, file, throw out, add to calendar, etc.) at least 1 item from there each day. I often get on a roll and can get through a big stack in one sitting...

    8. 2-Minute Workout

    I give myself permission to have a REALLY low bare minimum for working out: 2 minutes.

    It's deceptively effective. 2 minutes of any exercise at mid-high intensity will get you winded and is better than doing nothing. And I often do more.

    I wrote about this here, too:

    9. 5-Minute Connection Hour

    Reaching out does not come naturally for me and I need a lot of quiet alone time. Creating a habit has been helpful to stay better connected with people.

    The "Connection Hour" is what I call time-blocking for reaching out to people. In 5 minutes I can send a text, an email, or even start a call with someone I haven't talked with recently.

    10. Appreciate my Husband

    This is a recent one. It may seem silly to put this on a Daily Habits list but if something works I'll use it! I make a habit to send a nice text during the day or tell my husband something I'm appreciative of. A little goes a long way.
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