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James Altucher


10 Habits of Eventual Millionaires

    1. Warren Buffett's 5/25 Rule

    Pick the 25 things you are MOST interested in.
    Rank them from 1-25 with 1 being what you are most interested in.

    NEVER look at the bottom 25 again. Focus on the top 5 else you will be too unfocused.

    2. The 1% Rule

    Whatever it is you want to improve on, try to improve JUST 1% a day.

    1% a day (compounded) is 3800% a year. I know that it's not easy to measure "improvement" but just thinking in this mindset allows you to improve more than any competitor.

    3. Happiness = Reality / Expectations

    In other words, always work within reality. If you keep expectations low, then you will be happy as you try to succeed and improve within reality.

    Another way to think of this is to expect little but try small incremental improvements a day. Set small goals.

    4. Say "NO"

    Boundaries are key.

    5. The Daily Practice

    Every day, 1% improvement in:
    Physical (fill in the blanks what this means to you)
    Creative (write 10 ideas a day)
    Spiritual (don't try to control the things you can't)

    6. Sleep 7-8 hrs a day

    The key to success is energy. The reason we sleep is to replenish energy.

    7. Extreme Ownership

    Borrowing the phrase from Jock Willink

    Whatever happens, good or bad - it's your fault. No excuses. It's all you.

    8. Be a Vampire

    Whenever you read a good book, it's like being a vampire. You absorb the life experiences of the author into your life experience. the more you read, the more you study success, the more you study the things you love, the more you will add to your own life.

    9. I thought there was going to be ten things on this list?

    Hey, be ok with the unexpected. It's going to happen a lot on the road to success.

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