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10 Habits, Opinions, or Beliefs That Have Changed Over The Past 30 Years

    1. I believe in God - I don't believe in God

    Am I certain God doesn't exist no but it was a decision I took

    2. i have to support my football team through thick and thin - no why outsource my happiness to a team of player who appear not to give a s**t

    Do activities where I have control go to the games but only when I want to

    3. Stay in the line (queue) like the polite English person I am - don't do it choose quieter times or do stuff where you don't have to

    Break that routine of standing in a line and if I cant aviod to strike up a conversation with a stranger read a book

    4. The smallest thing in the universe is an atom - surely not its a quark

    however small I feel there always something smaller out there

    5. simplifying is the solution to lifes' problems - no its not always simple stupid

    simplifying is just one of a sample of strategies to try

    6. I was always looking to land in the comfort zone - I found it was a tomb so look for the challenge

    It was a fixed objective I now want to grow instead

    7. reading was boring - reading is a insight into a world I was closed to

    No it wasn't boring I was just reading what didn't interest me .No my imagination comes along for the ride

    8. I am thick as Pig S**t - well why let a small thing like that hold me back

    Re-frame the mind set and just be curious and experiment

    9. I am not going to have a family - love being a Dad well most of the time

    Time reveals many paths to travel down

    10. I am never going to drink again - go on a small one

    If you are not dependant don't see alcohol as the devils work or a toxin to the body then have one in moderation
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