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10 Habits that could increase my.....everything

We all have the same amount of time everyday - cliché right? Right. So how we spend our time has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Out of all the successful people I know of, one of the main separators are directly attributed to how they spend their time. {I use the term (success) very vaguely and could mean something different to everyone}. This is a list of both daily & weekly habits I will implement starting....today! I'll put a note in my calendar to check back on my progress exactly 1 year from this day.


    1. Write something everyday

    I've been underestimating the power of writing. Which could ultimately lead to becoming more articulate, express ideas to a broader audience, ability to teach others, build that creative muscle, etc. Quantity is not so important right now. I'm sure that will be a byproduct of implementing this daily habit.

    2. Increase Typing Speed

    The idea is to create greater efficiency in data entry, as I lean more into the digital space. This would also allow me to write faster emails, meeting notes, and get ideas into production effortlessly. Not to mention, it will make me more productive at work :). 60wpm?

    3. Sorting Notes and Data

    Haven't found the "super app" - that is an all in one. Interested in Obsidian for creative notes. Using Evernote for jotting most things down. Leaning towards Google Keep for integration across their ecosystem. Now if I can eliminate all and just keep 1....am I asking for too much?

    4. Calendar/Scheduling

    Filling my calendar 3 weeks in advance would be ideal. Current day I'm 1-2 days out. Several months in advance would be optimal. Let's see where it goes from there. I have all the tools and apps available. It's amazing how much integration there is across different apps and software. Leaning more on automation as it becomes available. "If you want to meet the devil, stare at a blank calendar." - Grant Cardone

    5. Social Media and Content Production

    Shifting more of my time on social media into producing vs consuming. Treating it like a job instead of recreational use of my time.

    6. Stretching

    Loosen up the joints and muscles, increase oxygen throughout the body, reducing the chance of injuries, etc. The list goes on. One of my biggest problems is remembering to do it. Then comes the discipline to do it, when I do remember....

    7. Meditation

    Probably one of the most powerful and neglected habits that will help bring me more mental clarity. This one has been on my bucket list for way too long....time to get execute!

    8. Run 15k a week (total)

    This is very reasonable. Comes put to an average of less than 2 miles a day.

    9. Read 1 book a week

    I started this late last year, and went on a streak of 10-12 weeks. I noticed the biggest hinderance was consuming other content from different platforms. The best thing I did was lean on audio books. Got a better bang for my time when driving, working out, doing chores around the house. At just under 1 hour a day made enough time to finish a book a week.

    10. Meal prep for the week

    I can save time, money, and make a bigger impact in healthy eating habits.

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