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10 Hobbies that I could turn into side hustles

Not sure if there will be 10. No idea if any are feasible. Some may get expanded upon. Some may not. Feel free to add, steal, modify, and make it your own.

    1. Reading

    I have no idea how to get voice work but I do enjoy reading. Or I could do proofreading and/or editing. No idea how to get that work either.

    2. Fishing

    Be a guide. Join the professional competitive fishing tour. Write about fishing. Become a charter captain.

    3. Hiking

    Become a guide. Write about hiking. Write bios of other famous hikers. Do a famous hike and lecture about the experience.

    4. Watching TV/movies

    5. Playing games

    Play to earn. Gambling. Winnings from competitive gaming. Design a game.

    6. Hunting

    7. Trapping

    8. Research

    I can get lost for hours chasing random open source information found online. Maybe someone needs that. Is Information Broker still a thing?

    9. Be a pundit.

    I'm pretty opinionated and can be well informed when I want to be.

    10. Emergency Medicine Technician

    It's been an avocation for more than 30 yrs. Maybe I should actually get paid (usually not much) to do the job.

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