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10 Holiday Wishes for Everybody Here

    1. Much success at whatever your "thing" is...

    May your work provide blessings and satisfaction.

    2. A Merry Christmas for those who celebrate

    And for those who don't, best wishes for whatever you do celebrate.

    3. Good health

    Maintenance, and improvement.

    4. You get time to relax.

    Just relax... nothing to do but relax for a bit.

    5. Joyous time with loved ones (and even not-so-much loved ones)

    Seeing my family Saturday, the wife's family Sunday, and Monday off for ourselves.

    6. Cooperating weather

    It went from 57 degrees Friday AM to 5 degrees Friday night. The -inside- of the car was fogged up after lunch out (the boss treated us) because of a 20 degree drop in about two hours.

    7. Safe travels

    If you have to travel.

    8. Getting that special gift you wanted but don't think you'll get

    And a picture of that smile when you do.

    9. Eating your favorite treats, at least for a day or two, with no guilt.

    Started today myself (chocolate covered pretzels, and a warmed up Dunkin apple fritter for my coffee tomorrow AM.

    10. Lists flowing from your brain to your keyboard like Niagara Falls

    And a good deal of "nookie" between those lists. A virtual list orgy. :)

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