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10 Horrible Excuses You Know You’ve Made

    1. “I don’t have time for that.”

    You make time or you don't want to do it.

    2. “I’m too busy.”

    You're not Elon Musk. You're not too busy. Stop watching crap on Netflix for one hour a day and you're magically not busy anymore.

    3. “I have a bad back/knee/ankle.”

    If you want to have chronic pain and poor health your whole life, go ahead and let one minor injury stop you from training everything.

    4. “But, I’m nobody. Those other people are so good.”

    They were nobodies once. Also, fame is overrated. Just get good at something.

    5. “Survivorship bias is real.”

    That is losertalk. Cynical loser nonsense. Yes, you might see the most successful people because they're visible. But there are equally successful people you've never heard of and most of those people worked hard for a long time to earn it.

    6. “I could fail.”

    One of my favorite reframes from a book called Mind Lines is about the word failure.

    Can I buy a box of failure at the store? Can I hold a bunch of failure in my hand? What does failure smell like?

    It's a word that represents a concept inside your mind alone. Nature does not evolve for "failure" like it does for vision, climbing, etc. You're free to treat it as the meaningless thing it is.

    7. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

    Lucky for you you'll be dead sooner than later so you can catch up on all that sleep you keep ignoring.

    8. “I’ll start Monday.”

    Yeah, and you'll screw it up next Friday again. It's a mindset, not a schedule.

    9. “People will judge me.”

    More losertalk. You're getting judged every minute of your life whether or not you like it. Do the thing you want to do.

    10. “I’m going to suck at it!”

    Everybody sucks at everything the first time they try it. It's good to be a beginner many times in life.

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