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10 Idealist To Explore Next Week

The idealist can also help plan the week.

I am curious to explore and write about the following topics.

    1. 10 Algorithms to Help Think and Live Better

    5 from the book "Algorithms to Live By" by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths, and 5 by me, based on my experience building algorithms.

    2. 10 Ideas From System and Design Thinking For Better Decision Making

    System thinking is fascinating. One of my favorite books is "Thinking in Systems: A Primer by Donella Meadows. The idea will be based on what I learned from the book and my experience applying the principles to building systems or decision-making. I am still learning, actually.

    3. 10 Places I have Been To That Brought Tears to My Eyes

    I hardly cry, but these places brought tears to my eyes because of their historical or intellectual significance.

    4. 10 Words People Use With Surprising Origins

    I want to explore words that we use with origins that will make us think about using those words again. A teaser: prestige -> illusion. If you chase prestige, you are chasing illusion :)

    5. 10 Mental Shift To Make Disagreement Not Disagreabale

    This one is challenging, but I am curious to see what I will come up with :)

    6. 10 Use Cases Of Blockchain I want to Create or Co-Create

    This is to help me learn more about Blockchain technology. I have some ideas, but I would like to get them tested in public. Maybe get some feedback.

    7. 10 Problems Worth Solving

    This helps me ask more questions think harder. For now, this is open. Maybe I will niche down.

    8. 10 Podcasts I Would Like to Speak At

    The Top of the list is The James Altucher Show by @JamesAltucher

    9. 10 Products From Japan That Are Less Known

    Japan has some amazing products that are less known and that the world can benefit from.

    10. 10 Lessons About Life I learn from Japanese Anime The Dragon Slayer

    I love this anime, it is packed with wisdom.
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