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James Altucher


10 ideas for a blog


    1. Election bets

    People are fascinated by elections. I like to bet on them. Every time you make a bet, post the bet and the reasons why. I would love to read a blog like this.

    2. Comedy clip of the day

    I started one like this but never followed up.

    3. The War Blog

    what's happening each day in all the wars around the world. Particularly Ukraine and maybe what's going on right now with Taiwan.

    4. Today''s Chess

    What games happened in the chess world today, plus analysis. This is a niche of a niche.

    5. Microcap stock of the day

    6. 6000 dating tips

    Each day is a new tip.

    7. Diet of the week

    Review and analysis and how to execute on the diet described that week.

    8. How to commit crimes

    Describe a new crime each week and now to do it.

    9. The cutting edge

    Almost like Gizmodo but beyond. What is THE most cutting edge tech on the planet today and Can I buy it.

    10. A blog written by an AI about history. A new history lesson every day.

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