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10 ideas for a physical product business selling at least four products

I've been following Ryan Moran from Capitalism.com, since I recently decided to get into selling physical products. He suggests that you need to get 4 products to 25 sales per day at a $30 price point, and you have a million dollar business.


    1. Niche sex toys

    Find a specific kink or collection of kinks that doesn't have its own e-commerce store (if that's possible!), and launch a website selling four or more products. Trickier when it comes to running ads, though.

    2. Digital nomad stuff

    I just checked, there are already a few of these.

    I've actually been thinking about selling digital products related to digital nomads, such as e-books. Seems to be a growing niche. Any ideas?

    3. Digital minimalism store

    Everything you need to become more of a digital minimalist: a phone prison to keep your phone away, a Pomodoro timer so you don't need your phone to track your time, a typerwriter, ... what else?

    I just googled it, and it doesn't seem to exist.

    4. Japandi furniture

    A mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

    5. Poop store

    Gadgets related to pooping: something like a bidet from hellotushy, a toilet paper roll holder that says something when you use it, something to protect yourself from splashes, ...

    6. Memento Mori store

    Items that are used to remind yourself of death. A calendar of 4000 squares representing the 4000 weeks in an average life (this exists and I don't know if I would want it, I feel like it would just provoke anxiety), skull-shaped objects, vanitas artwork, ...

    7. Back to Childhood

    Products from your childhood. It could be divided by generation or by decade, or you could simply have one website focusing on a specific decade. I googled it, and of course there is at least one 90s store.

    8. Donut-related shop

    Different donut machines. Donut recipe books. Donut boxes.

    9. Ass trimming store

    Everything you need to safely get rid of butt hair!

    10. Fun kettlebells

    Kettlebells with fun designs. I see there is already a kettlebell store with a special category, but I think there could be designs that are a lot more fun than those.

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