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Daniel Knight


10 Ideas for a Podcast

I need your HELP! 🙏 

I am planning on starting a podcast. At least one, likely at least two. But I'm having a hard time deciding what to start with. So these are my ideas. 

Which do you like the most? 

Please like or comment your favorites or any suggestions about titles or other ideas. 💡 

10 Ideas for a Podcast

    1. The Thinking Big Show

    I would invite guests on to go back-and-forth about ways we can think big about goals and things we are trying to accomplish. I would also talk to people who have thought big and achieved big things to learn how they accomplished what they accomplished. 

    2. The 10xUnicorn Show

    Here I would dig in to the elements of what being a 10xUnicorn entail.

    1. Thinking BIG
    2. Abundance
    3. Collaboration
    4. Drive
    5. Consistency

    These are the main pillars but there is much more to it within each pillar. 

    My goal with this show would be to challenge, encourage, and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves they can be. 

    3. Unicorn Solutions Partner Podcast

    I need a better name for this one but it would essentially entail me interviewing people from the partnerships I have established at Unicorn Universe to get to know them more, highlight what they do, and why they are so magical.

    4. The Knight Ops Show

    How does one operate like a knight in shining armor? Through preparation, strategy, and leveraging tools. In this show I would expand on how to operate like a night by leveraging technology to streamline operations personally, professionally, in business and other ways. I could invite guests on to talk about how they have become masters of productivity and operate like a knight themselves. 

    5. The Unicorn DNA Show

    In this show I would talk about the different elements of the Unicorn DNA and why each strand is so important. I would also invite individuals on from time to time to understand which elements they resonate with the most and why.

    6. Collaboration Nation

    In this show I would talk about an interview guests about collaboration. Primarily focused on how businesses can collaborate and expand on Waze that they can leverage each other to get to the next level. This would include many different tips and strategies related to what a golden connection is and how to go about making them a reality.

    7. Tales of a Knight - 10xUnicorn

    This would be about my story. And potentially other peoples stories. I would talk about some of my life experiences that got me to where I am today and how other people can learn from my experiences. I would also talk to other people who I view as essentially a knight in shining armor people who operate their business like a knight as mentioned above. 

    8. Unicorn Connector Show

    This one would be all about what it means to be a unicorn connector. I would expand on ways to become a better connector and make meaningful connections. This would include networking tips, social media tips, and revenue generating opportunities for Connectors by making connections.

    9. The #PeopleNotProjects Show

    In this show it would be all about the people. I would just interview different people who have amazing stories that are amazing people who I want to get to know better and highlight for the world to know them too.

    10. The Dog and Pony Show

    Lol. OK, this one just came out of nowhere after trying to figure out what the tent show could be. And as I looked at my dog I realized I could do the dog and pony show. This would be where I have my dog and other people can bring on whatever animal they want and just talk about them. Maybe a funny story that happened or an awesome trick they have trained or something along those lines. 

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