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10 ideas for a prompt engineering strategy

Has a groundbreaking and robust prompt engineering strategy that is tailored specifically to the task at hand.

I'm writing this to brainstorm for a business contest that I am entering.

10 ideas for a prompt engineering strategy

    1. Prompt engineering is a common term to describe this activity, but it is pretty self-aggrandizing to think of yourself as an engineer when doing this.

    2. Use prompt templates with variables

    For Example:

    Write 10 variations of this sentence [SENTENCE] in this context [CONTEXT]

    3. In the user interface, have a drop-down menu with preset modifiers for prompt output, and the ability to add your own

    For Example:

    • Rewrite this for a fifth grader
    • Make it more direct
    • Make it friendlier
    • other [____]

    4. Make workflows of prompts

    For Example:

    Take an instruction manual as input.

    1. Summarize this manual in bullet point form
    2. Write an executive summary of the instruction manual
    3. Write quiz questions and answers
    4. Extract a troubleshooting guide
    5. Extract an FAQ

    5. Give the ability to rate the performance of prompts

    This can be a combination of an algorithmic rating, where if the user continues, then the system can assume that the prompt was good combined with a simple voting system by end users

    6. Provide a user interface to allow non-technical users to combine images with preset questions

    For example, have a field user upload a photo, and have a preset prompt to ask the system. What is wrong here?

    7. make guided workflows of inputs

    This is a combination of templates and workflows. The system can ask users for particular documents/input and then feed them into the workflow.

    8. Have automated tasks that run reports and transcriptions.

    For example, transcribe and summarize every meeting. These summaries can have roll up summaries for week, month and quarter.

    9. Class builder prompt workflow

    For Example:

    Take a textbook/manual as input

    • create a syllabus
    • create a class calendar
    • generate X number of lessons from the material and populate the calendar
    • create a summary of each chapter
    • create a "what you will learn" summary
    • Create quiz materials
    • Create a choice of 5 projects that can be based off of the material
    • create rubrics for these 5 projects

    10. Deploy a single prompt to a network of LLMs and then consolidate the answers based on rules

    For example, depending on the importance of the information, you could have four out of five systems that would need to agree. You could also flag certain types of information for human review. This would cut down on the harmful effects of hallucinations.

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