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10 Ideas for a Space-themed TTRPG Contest I'm Entering

It's on drivethrurpg and it's called Pocket Quest - you have 2 months to design and publish a rules-light TTRPG game in 20 or fewer pages. I have a theme and setting picked out, but these are some conceptual ideas for how gameplay can work.

10 Ideas for a Space-themed TTRPG Contest I'm Entering

    1. Sports is "war" in space - no more killing, just playing games against other plants for world domination

    2. You play a soldier in the army of a planetary "militeam" - this is your player character

    3. You can have a small "unit" or "squad" of friends with you so it feels more like a collaborative game (like DnD, for example)

    4. There are probably mostly humans since it's going to be the colonized solar system (or something like it) but there will be robots and drones and some interesting aliens, but not as crazy as a Star Wars cantina

    5. Combatants wear armor with special "goals" or sports-like equipment - to do battle, you have to "score" on their equipment until you reach their max score (or the equivalent of hit points)

    When you do, their armor shuts down and they have to be extracted from the battle zone by an allied drone ship or something.

    6. Equipment could be like a guy wearing a helmet that has a basketball hoop on it - you have to shoot hoops while he dodges out of the way.

    7. The other team is trying to score on your armor, too, so you can get shut down and lose the battle as well.

    8. Like any good RPG, there is a basic experience progression - you go from rookie to all-star (or legend, or immortal or similar) - you get more goals-per-shutdown/better armor or ammo

    9. Ammo is actually like baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks, etc.

    Some bosses can be super crazy combinations of sports and include really off-the-wall rare sports that you never see played - like badminton or snooker.

    10. You can play in zero-g, on super gravitational planets, and on space ships, too!

    It's planet vs. planet and nobody is stopping you from getting into a scrap even in the local pub - but if you don't have someone to extract you from battle, you might end up getting yourself into more trouble than you started.

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