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10 ideas for alternatives to checking email all the time

I find myself checking email quite often nowadays. And spending way more time than necessary in it. Here might be some ways to break the habit.

    1. Set alerts for vips

    Majority of email is junk or not useful. It could be useful to decide on the vips and set up an alert if possible.

    2. Find better apps than the default

    Maybe the app has something to do with it?

    3. Consider what specifically you might be looking for, and go find it elsewhere

    Work related emails aside, I find surprises in my inbox every once in a while. Maybe you can decide what you're looking for and go find it elsewhere.

    4. Sign up for email lists on places you'd like

    similar to idea 3. The email can be as much rewarding personally and professionally as much as it can be a blackhole of work, such as finding a fun sweepstakes or upcoming event. Even though you might be saying "the last thing I need is more spam" you can create a throwaway email account and go sign up for more stuff you like. This might keep you checking more, but at least you'll hopefully find more of what you're looking for

    5. Reply back to them

    Experiment. See what happens when you reply back with stuff even if it looks automated? Obviously this is for emails that are not from someone who may expect a response such as don't just experiment by responding to a mass email from your boss that doesn't need a response. Unless you want to.

    6. Turn it into a learning experience

    Considering growing an email marketing business? Learn from your inbox.

    7. Come up with a new type of inbox experience?

    Just a thought... How can you reinvent the inbox experience?

    8. Just completely stop all non-mandatory-work emails and see what happens

    I almost was going to write even work emails, and see what your boss or coworkers say if you tell them to just text you, but there are far too many people who need to know.

    9. Turn off excess notifications

    10. Unsubscribe from more lists you definitely don't want

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