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10 Ideas for Attractions at Disney World based on Encanto

I am going to Disney World again this Spring Break!! I am super excited. I have about 3 months and this time I am really getting into it. I have watched maybe 3 Disney animated films in my childhood. So I have decided to watch all of them before I go. I found a list and I narrowed it down to 99 films. I might shorten that more to the Rolling Stone list of Disney animated films. I am watching the newer(longer ones) at home and the shorter older ones at the gym.

Today I am going to give Disney some ideas to incorporate the movie Encanto into the theme park. I surprisingly really liked Encanto. I am not a huge fan of Lin Manuel-Miranda. I don't know why. His songs are catchy but like something about things that are so over the top popular just kind of annoy me. But everything about Encanto was just great. I love the colors!

    1. A door that tells reveals your special gift.

    It would be like a sorting hat but better because there will be a little AI involved. You or someone you know will fill out some crazy quiz about you. It will be entered into some AI system. The AI system will look through 1000's of special gifts/super powers and when you touch the door AI will generate your special gift. I can see it being like how people talk about their harry potter house or their astrology sign. It will be an identifier that you would put on your social media platform and for creatives to include in their resumes.

    I think this is my favorite one.

    2. Cheetah Ride

    When Antonio finds out his special power he rides a Cheetah through a jungle. Disney world has Tron that is like a bike that takes you super fast. Such a fun ride. This would be like that but longer and inside. It would be kind of like Space Mountain but a thousand times better because it would be in a jungle. They could put it near the jungle cruise ride. It would have vivid colorful plants and animals like the colors of the movie. You would sit on this cheetah and you would zoom through a rainforest. Nope it should go at Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom needs some more rides.

    3. An area where you can lift heavy things

    lol this sounds stupid. I am trying to think of an activity that incorporates her sisters ability to lift heavy things. Maybe it's some sort of gym. Like a gym where all the weights are like 5 to 10 lbs. But instead of weights its like pianos and buildings. Yeah this is one I would need to brainstorm more on.

    4. A restaurant like her mothers cooking

    The lead character. The one that looks like Andrea Zuckerman from 90210. Her mom cooks food and it heals people. Now if you want healthy food at Disney. Hah. Good luck. It should be a place where every meal is crafted with natural ingredients that help you with some part of health. Digestion, heart, depression, anxiety. It will have what it helps you with in the name.

    5. 5. Flowers- Craft Experience?

    They have a place where you can make super expensive light sabers. Maybe their should be a place where you can craft with flowers?I didn't think this one out a lot. They would be fake flowers. Just like the Light Saber isn't "real". You could craft of objects to hang up or bouquets for special events. Isabella just makes flowers appear..

    6. A Butterfly Ride

    I LOVE BUTTERFLIES! It's so basic. I know but they are so pretty. There could be a Peter Pan like Butterfly ride where you are inside and fly around first in the daytime with a ton of beautiful colors again and then at night everything glows in the dark. You would swing side to side and dip and the thing would shake a little. You would see the other riders carriers as butterflies. It would go on a slant in he back so all you see is butterflies in front of you. It would be an outdoor to indoor ride.

    7. House of Madrigal- Photo Spots

    Each room in the House of Madrigal is so unique based on the character who lives in it. Their should be photo spots because you know people love to take selfies in front of cute things.

    8. Cracking house ride

    The house they live in cracks and falls down and then is rebuilt. It would be like Micky and Minnie's Railway Ride but more shaking and side to side. More gliding at the beginning and the end. You would pass through different scenes from the movie or the characters would interact with you from screens or projections throughout the ride.

    9. Twisting Palm Tree

    In Isabella's song they are sitting on the center of a palm tree as it twists into the air. Something big like that at Animal Kingdom. a tree that goes really high and twists around. You can see the whole park. It's a gentle spin but still a spin.

    10. Color Spot

    Like I said the color is amazing. I love the end when the two sisters play with the colorful powder. Maybe a place like bippity boppity boutique where girls can get their hair chalked with vibrant colors.

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