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10 Ideas for better platform presentations

    1. Tell stories

    Telling stories makes a presentation more like a conversation.

    2. Make it interesting to you

    If the topic is interesting to you then your audience will be more likely to take interest. If you are bored with it your audience will be bored.

    3. Slides are not handouts.

    Use slides to help you tell your story. don‘t try to pull double duty with your slides also using them for handouts. If slides are your handouts they will be terrible as a visual aid. people will not read them afterwards anyway.

    4. Use humor if possible.

    If the topic is conducive, use humor. If people laugh they will remember you positively.

    5. Talk to the whole room.

    I often ask the back if the room if they can hear me. I make eye contact with both sides of the room. Working the room tells the audience that you care. If they think you care they will listen.

    6. Know your audience.

    Ask the organizers who is in the audience. Consider that group when creating your presentation. What are their struggles or top Issues?

    7. Count on technology going wrong.

    Something always goes wrong with technology. Expect it. The more you rely on the tech to wow your audience the riskier it will be.

    8. Scope out the venue ahead of time.

    This will improve your comfort when you arrive on stage because it will already be familiar to you.

    9. Someone in the audience needs to hear what you say.

    If you’ve been invited, you have something valuable to say. Odds are that someone there needs to or wants to hear what you have to say. If one person benefits that’s a success.

    10. Be genuine

    Be yourself. be honest with your audience. If they sense you are fake they will lose interest fast.

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