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10 Ideas for businesses to start for the bottom third of an industry

Underserved customers that have barriers to entry to specific products and services. Due to expertise, money, regulations or other factors.


    1. Using NLP solutions like GPT-3 to help understand complex law documents: EULA, Contracts, etc

    2. Crowdsourced Short Term Affordable Loans to people who rely on PayDay Loans with low-interest rates

    3. Crowd-Sourced Dating Service

    4. Affordable Private Tutoring is outsourced to the world and has a bidding system like Upwork

    5. Use OpenAI Codex to build a NoCode website for people who don't know how to code

    6. AI Gym

    People go into a gym area that has cameras that track movement. The camera analyzes and determines the proper form in exercise, they count your reps and provide you with a report which is sent to your app.

    7. All in One Market Research/Business Validation SaaS for Small Business

    1. Map your skills, expertise, talents, and experience to user audiences
    2. Recommends Niches and Subniches based on step 1
    3. Audience identification - Identifies communities on social media. Searches for problems use and analyze sentiment
    4. Integration to Survey System to get more user feedback
    5. Problem is identified and a probable solution
    6. Land Pages solution for soft validation, surveys/Analysis of similar solutions
    7. Probability of Sucess score is generated: user feedback, research, Total Addressable Market (Niche and Subniche)

    8. Enterprise-Grade Solutions that could be scaled to small businesses

    What are SaaS companies that only develop enterprises solutions that could be scaled down or are too expensive for small companies to pay:

    - CX/Feedback Systems
    - Keyword Search Planner

    Enterprise Centric
    - Data Governance/Data Privacy/Metadata Tools
    - Data Analytics/Cloud Platforms

    9. Best of Class Advisors, Experts and Investors

    There is a high cost and trust ceiling when accessing business advisors, experts and investors.

    10. Services dedicated to single people

    Over the last few decades, there has been an uptake of individual households. You could sub-niche it down to single men or single women. Create products and services related to health, mental wellness, companionship/friends, travel, etc.

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