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10 ideas for digital artist tools

(tools may already existl

    1. branded digital pencials/pens

    Popular pencil/pen brands turned into digital versions

    2. "Google Maps Auto Texture Creator"

    Not sure if this would be allowed with Google, but basically, the goal would be to easily extract any building, tree, environment from Google Maps and turn it into a texture, or backdrop of some sort easily (even though its already relatively easy for any photoshop user already)

    3. "shape randomizer"

    Use A.I. to create random shape silhouettes to build on. bonus if you can make specific silhouettes like bodies, monsters, blobs, etc...

    4. A "digibrush"

    Might be very very hard to create, but instead of "pens and styluses," there could be some physical sort of pen brush that is designed and feels like a bristled painting brush, and even has similar presettings. Except its for pads such as Cintiq.

    5. Digital Painting Palette

    A full on digital art tablet that also includes a separate "palette" that you can hold and "dip from" to get paint for that classic feeling.

    6. digital artist easel

    stand up easel for artists to do mock old school painting

    7. Consumer grade 3d scanner

    8. messy tracing bot

    Bot that traces an image messy realistically for photoshop

    9. Coin operated art piece others can draw on

    Probably a fun modern gallery idea. Large display on wall. Nearby coin operated drawing tablet that people can draw on for like $1 for 10 seconds of drawing which displays on the wall.

    10. Digital tablet with 3d printing capability

    Use a tablet and some software like photoshop that also has a nearby 3d printer that prints onto a canvas. So you can essentially paint in 3d on a graphic tablet.

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