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10 ideas for enjoying your adult birthdays

    1. Spend the day doing what you would love to spend the rest of the year doing

    2. Meditate on the sun - it’s your solar return - and on your purpose and vision

    3. Organise a barbecue for friends having their birthday the same week and meet friend groups

    4. Go swim in the ocean and be reborn as a new person for the coming year

    5. Think of 10 goals that are ways to rely on god more deeply in all areas of your life

    6. Make a post on social media of 10 ideas for an adult having a birthday who doesn’t necessarily wish to celebrate it

    7. Write a list of people you would love to thank for their role in the last 12 months and send a message to them

    8. Plant some seeds and wish for good qualities as you do it

    9. Remember your parents and grandparents fondly and savor old memories of them

    10. Watch birds, clouds, wind and sun on a grassy hill and remember how amazing it is to be alive.

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