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10 Ideas for Mental Games to Motivate Yourself

What are the "mental mechanics" that get you motivated or prevent you from doing what you need to do?

    1. Expand your view of time

    When feeling stuck with a limited amount of time, say 1.5 hours between waking up and needing to do something scheduled, it can feel like a lot to fit in so you do nothing. Expand the view of time by being more focused on the present rather than the narrow gap of time - you'll think about what you can accomplish right now rather than doing nothing but worrying about time.

    2. Get simplest done

    Instead of thinking about all the activities, just focus attention on the simplest.

    3. Attention

    Attention can get spread across too many things. Instead just pick one and double your attention on it and this might help block out others.

    4. Move to a new spot

    There are probably habitual spots where we spend most of our lounging time. Moving to a new spot can change your environment (even if its the same building).

    5. No past or future

    Based on Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now", instead of thinking "I already did a good job yesterday" or worrying about what you have to do later, focus on now. Something like exercising and thinking you exercised yesterday or a few days ago could make someone think they don't need to today.

    6. Side Idea: "Game of Life Planner"

    Design a "journal" or even some type of "organizer" you can hang up that feels like a game, except for your life rather than a traditional planner organized by day or month.

    7. Do the basics...

    Almost all ideas for motivation, organization, and time management have been developed. Find the basics: attach points to different tasks, reminders, etc...

    8. Design a new routine

    Snap out of a daze by designing a new routine. Make the routine written and visible somewhere.

    9. Double down on creating

    Reading can also be a form of procrastination even if absorbing helpful information. Get into a habit of creating and designing.

    10. Reunderstand extroversion/introversion

    Most people think about introversion vs extroversion as "keeps to self" and "talks a lot with everyone" when in social situations. Plenty of discussion that it's more than how social you are. Maybe some extroverts are simply more likely to turn a journal and ideas into a book or to Tweet their stories which helps keep them motivated. May need to expand on this idea or refine it at some point.

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