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10 Ideas for movie theaters

With movie theaters still adjusting to the "new normal" I have seen some data and surveys about people watching first run movies at home and at the movie theatre with the majority of them choosing to watch at home. I think the same is happening with pro sports but that's another topic for another day. So what can theaters do to get people back?

10 Ideas for movie theaters

    1. Enhanced service

    Ok, what does Enhanced Service mean exactly? To be honest, I am not entirely sure. It is already expensive to many to go see movies in the theater, let alone first run movies that sometimes are higher in price. So what can a theater do to make it worth it for people to attend when there are ways to watch first run movies at home? Enhanced service could mean complimentary VIP/Valet parking. It could mean they get a special, collectable ticket to keep (could later be an NFT). It could mean any snacks they want are brought directly to them at their seats. It could mean a private restroom reserved for only those that choose the Enhanced Service ticket.

    2. Special Upgraded Seating

    I know some theaters have heated seating, and power recliners but what about adding to that? Cooled seats with fans that can be moved to your liking? Massage options, lumbar support, the ability to either plug in a wired set of headphones or use Bluetooth to connect to your headset or earbuds. Maybe a pull out or pull down foot massager? Adjustable arm rest. Anything you could add?

    3. Gaming Rooms

    I have seen theaters advertise gaming events for online gamers. Sounds fun but they're stuck using the theater seating and having to hear everyone around them while they play. Maybe the could add or re-do one or more theaters strictly for gaming? Add actual gaming chairs, even if it's only a few rows. A second screen they can use in addition to the main screen. The ability to rent headphones and any other add on's a gamer would want or need like controllers and enhanced controllers.

    4. Random in theater Giveaways

    Maybe giving out some freebies either tied to a movie, event or swag from the theater randomly and empower all staff to hand them out accordingly. Maybe while people are watching the commercials and pre-show prior to the feature film, they can have a host or Emcee do contests, trivia in the theater?

    5. Coupons in theaters

    Maybe on certain days, nights, weekends or whenever, the theater can place discount coupons good for whatever they decide underneath random seats and maybe hidden in other places? There could be an announcement in each theater about it, and/or advertise it with signage or on the ticket?

    6. Ticket Stub Deals

    This isn't anything new. It's been done before but not for a long time. Maybe there can be discounts to local shops, stores and restaurants on the ticket stub. Maybe a discount on a future visit good for merch, food, or upgrades. Maybe larger incentives for multiple ticket stubs?

    7. VR Movies

    I just thought of this one a second ago so I have no idea what this could be! I think it could be an option for people that would want to experience the movie in VR so they would pay a charge for that. Not sure how viable this would be or if anyone would even buy it if offered.

    8. Instant Movie Reviews

    Ok, this one could be a stretch, I am thinking that after a movie is over, the credits roll...through either an app, or a device given at the end of the movie, or even buttons on the seats, attendees can opt to review the movie they just saw on the spot. Then, some of those reviews will show on the screen after the movie or maybe they can opt to record a video review that can be posted to the theater website or something. It's idea #8 so I am running out of ideas here! lol

    9. Host major events

    I recently starting seeing one theater chain specifically playing a live Pay Per View event for a higher than normal ticket price. I have actually attended three of them and am about to go to another one this weekend. I love it! The could show Boxing, World Cup, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, NHL, Professional Wrestling, certain musical events. Then the theater could customize food items around the event, maybe even cater them or have a special menu just for these events.

    10. Seat Trigger

    Having a button on every seat in every theater if someone needs help, needs to tell someone about a disruptive person or group, maybe a movie is not playing correctly or anything you may need. Once this button is pressed (maybe it has a cover to protect against accidental pressing) it alerts whomever is overseeing this with a light that shows the theater, row and exact seat the person is in.

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