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10 ideas for new workout devices

Note: Device may already exist

    1. "car frame" based fitness equipment

    Like pull up bars for doors, except designed with a vehicle and travelers in mind.

    2. Gradual handstand trainer

    Walls are great, but why not have some type of device that gradually trains you some how? Some sort of single jointed ladder type thing that pivots as you improve

    3. "Perfect Plank Elbow Rest"

    Elbow rest for planking that keeps your elbows at the right angle for the perfect plank.

    4. "Horizontal back workout" but anywhere

    They already have things like total gym that let you lay flat and pull yourself. There must be some combination of a moving bench + bands or cables that are easier to transport and you can use something like a tree or bench for "pulling." Might even be able to do angular. Imagine a total gym but the "vertical post" is a tree or something.

    5. "Total Shoulder"

    Think of those dumbbells that have multiple weight settings. Except this is a device that sits on your shoulders and allows for lateral or front raises.

    Rests on the shoulders like shoulder pads with resistance device on each side that allow movement outward.

    6. All day calf machine

    Would look sort of clunky depending on design but promises nicer calves. Attaches to foot and up around the ankle and adds resistance with each step.

    7. Cable based routines instead of bands

    Bands snap back and can be harmful. Perhaps providing wire based portable contraptions that provide for resistance. Instead of resistance coming from bands, they come from something like the body. Sort of like a wire jump rope but with simple portable devices attached that allow for exercise movements.

    8. "Porta-box-jump."

    Must be a way to create a portable and safe box or stand for jumps that extends up to 5 feet.

    9. "Tree Fitness"

    An entire ecosystem of fitness devices that revolve around using trees as anchors marketed for those who want to exercise outdoors.

    10. "beach sand dragger"

    Instead of using parachutes to train for sprints, workout another way by having some sort of "sled" or "reverse plow" that drags through the sand at the beach behind you. Resistance comes as it collects sand.

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