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10 Ideas For NotePD

    1. Chat Box

    The idea of collaborative ideas was next to tackle on my list of items here on NotePD. Yet I couldn't think of how to do so.
    - The idea list creator could put a flag to say, "let's collaborate".
    - The collaborative list would be on the side of the originator. So it's easy to reference without backing out of the screen and you could view the entirety of the list while creating the new collab list. ( @paolo this is what I poorly attempted to explain)

    2. Todd Herman (episode 819) + NotePd + On the move

    In this podcast, James looks for advice on how to mentally download "superpowers". The idea comes from Todd Herman's explanation of how a kid baseball player becomes Paul Bunyon each time he's at-bat. He used a totem of sorts - a wristband - and he becomes the alter ego in his mind.
    Using the idea of a totem, NotePD and a little idea sex -

    A wrist band that has Idea Machine written on it, so as to keep it top of mind. However, when you have a spark for an idea it also has a QR code so when scanned with your phone it opens a new idea list on NotePD.

    I often have fleeting ideas that are gone by the time I try and find a pen or open an app.

    3. NotePD Psyche Section

    For the therapist and their clients to have a section that allows the individual to "write out" the issues in real-time and could be monitored by the therapist of choice.

    Obviously this would need to be a private tab section

    4. Drag and Drop Idea bucket

    When you come across an idea from someone you like but don't want to go into idea mode right then. Have a "bucket" that you could drag an idea into, which automatically has that person attached/notified.

    5. Dark Mode

    6. Cipher Section

    Episode 842 w/ A.J. Jacobs - Have a section/tab where similarly to the challenge of the day - "a cipher of the day"

    7. Show don't Tell?

    For the visual cue-ests', like me. A bar similar to the old-time mallet and bell game you find at the fairs. Or a snake-like pattern that continues to grow with each succinct day you make a list.

    8. NotePD AI Prompts + a list of companies / new tab

    Feed the AI a list of companies and assign it to give one prompt it thinks could help make the company better

    9. NotePd + Neuralink

    Create a program that will wirelessly transmit those ideas, lists, thoughts directly to NotePD

    10. NotePd + Neuralink - In reverse

    NotePd AI would take all your ideas and when you have a problem you need to come up with ideas for it cycles through your ideas and gives you new ones.

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